Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Solstice

Todays outing took us, the girl and I, to Kensington Market where the winter solstice parade and bon fire took place. Yes, there's an actual big fire in a wading pool within city limits. We didn't actually see any of this fire as we arrived when everyone was leaving. We did however bump into a lot of people that I knew (as seen in the various pictures) within a ten minute time frame (on the way to the bon fire).

In the end we stuffed our selves with various Mexican food, the high light being burritos, and washed it down with some spiked apple cider. I had a slight buzz after that for a small while and we made our way to Joel's Christmas party.

At the entrance we saw a woman getting her behind spanked. This really turned the girl off and she wanted to go home. I walked her to the bus, she hugged me, and left. I went back to the party to shoot pictures for Joel.

At the party I bumped in our favourite fashion designer, Andrew Majtenyi. We ended up going to Swatow for some soup.

Lisa (bikini designer) and Andrew (fashion designer)

One of the SunBanque girls poses

Winter Solstice at Swatow

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