Friday, December 15, 2006

Playboy Winter Wonderland

Hey, It's Jayde.

It's been awhile since my last Juicy Stuff assignment. Partially due to having a cold, partially from working on some motion graphics work and partially that Juicy Stuff is going through a large overhaul in terms of format and content. This is the first outing I've been on since the North Bound Leather fashion show way back at the end of October.

Really has it been that long? I suppose working on the various GAT jobs has kept me going out on a semi-regular basis. Okay, I'm not a total shut in.

The event tonight was organized by the same people that did the last two Playboy events. This time is took place at the Guvernment, a spacious night club located near the waterfront across the street from the Redpath sugar factory.

The theme was winter wonderland. I always wondered how bikinis would fit into all this but they managed to throw a hat or a scarf on the model with said bikini and viola! It's winter wear.

Cowgirl bikini look

The photo area reserved for photographers was located right in front of the stage. The stage was about five feet off the ground. You would think people organizing this would realize that any photos taken from this angle would be looking straight of skirts or gowns. Lucky for them we photographers took to the floor.

Overall I thought this venue was not too bad. High ceilings, decent lighting, a good DJ with a great dance selection, and lots of eye candy for both sexes. Speaking of the ambient music, we were in a club but I actually recognized the music. It was lyrics...words. It's a far cry some the industrial crap they play at some places, where the music is so loud it starts making your head wobble. Most of the music was from the 70s and 80s. Earth, Wind and Fire, Donna Summer, Soft Cell, Flock of Seagulls, Bronski Beat, Petshop Boys, that sort of thing.

This years fashion line featured a lot of bikini type clothing. What made it playboy was the bunny head logo placed somewhere obvious. Otherwise it could have just been another bikini, another well fitting bikini.

The fashion for the guys consisted mainly of T-shirts that said playboy on them. Nothing really spectacular there. The odd toque or sunglasses as accessories but that's about it. The main clothing was really for the women.

Start off the show by waving

Big hair + nightie + boa = sexy

The particles in the foreground is fake snow (shredded plastic)

More magical snow stuff to stick to your lens

Bed head + playboy T-shirt = cool

Somehow I don't think he's taking pictures of her shoes.

At one point the models were giving away free purses.

Eeek! Fake snow being blown into my lens.

This was nice and simple

Another cowgirl bikini theme

hat + scarf + lingere = winter fashion

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