Friday, February 20, 2009

Do photographers dream of pipe cleaner sheep?

Sheep made by Robin Polfus

I was trying to go to sleep early and realized I didn't post anything today. While cleaning through the apartment I found this sheep. It's made from pipe cleaners and wool. High quality construction.

If anything I should take the time out to appreciate this as there was a lot of work involved maybe even the chipping of teeth. Seems like yesterday but in reality it was over 12 years ago (maybe more). If that's the case than it's a thanks that should have been said a looooong time ago. Thanks Robin!

and now for the pitch...

Looking for a gift with...
  1. super duper quality?
  2. created in Canada by a Canadian?
  3. the unique thumb print of a talented creative artist?
  4. a product made with child-free labour?

Then you need to go to

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