Saturday, February 21, 2009

HCRG awards for the 2008 season

The HCRG roller derby awards

The HCRG derby awards. This is where awards are given out to skaters of the HCRG. Among them were categories such as best improvement, best blocker, sexiest ref, best sportsmanship. They was even a best fan acknowledgement which went to Scott otherwise known as the HCRGs superfan.

The big highlight for me during the HCRG awards was being called up onto the stage to receive the coveted 2008 season T-shirt (designed and made by Cheese Grater). It's a nice black T-shirt with the new Hammer City Roller Girls design on the front and the list of the 2008 season games on the back. It's nice to be appreciated.

Once the awards were given out things shifted into party mode. Socializing, dancing, limbo, eating, drinking, the odd person getting half naked, the usual stuff. The partying lasted until about 3am.

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