Wednesday, February 04, 2009

WarCrafted Out

A last look at my warcraft character.

My subscription lasted for two months and expired today or maybe tomorrow. There's a command that you can type in the command line '/played' that will tell you how much you've been playing or how much time you've invested in that character. You can have more than one character at a time.

Most of my time was playing in the realm (server) ShadowSong with the Charm city ref Justice FeelGood Marshal. The grand total came out to 11 days 21 hours 23 minutes 35 seconds with my character making it to level 50. Kind of scary if you consider the average person sleeps for 20 of those 60 days. The game really is so huge in that I've only explored 10 of the 70 sections and I don't even own the second expansion pack. Crazy.

Thanks to the great programmers at Blizzard and the detailed virtual world of warcraft some of the things I've done include catching over 500 fish, hugged a squirrel, made dragon breath chili (where burbing causes damage to foes engaging me in hand to hand combat), rode a robot ostrich (or maybe chicken), beat up a troll to death armed with a 17 pound fish, fell over 65 yards (and lived), base jumped off a dam, figured out how to fight unarmed, with staves, with daggers, and swords, taught myself how to create portals to different cities, earned 500 gold pieces through the auction houses, and interacted with real people from around the world (the real world).

While I love to play the game for all the little details and exploration I have to put it aside to get stuff done in the real world. So to all my warcraft friends "Adieu"

...for now at least.

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