Friday, February 20, 2009

Impromptu Bowl

Candy Striker surveys the pins

On the way home from delivering a photo CD in the west part of town I bumped into Candy who I last saw in London Ontario during the Little bout of horrors roller derby bout. As it so happens, there was a bunch of people meeting up at the Bowling alley near where I live.

The plan was to meet up with Candy to give her back a bag of sunflower seeds she gave me one morning in Las Vegas. Back during rollercon (yes, a while ago). Of course as events happened to unfold I ended up wearing bowling shoes and one thing led to another and I was bowling for two hours with a bunch of strangers. Once Candy showed up I knew two people, maybe three if you count the guy wearing a T-shirt of a band that I knew the lead singer of (The Hyena Dog Robbery). Granted I didn't know him but we connected because of the shirt he was wearing.

The bowling was fun and because I was eating potato chips my bowling nickname became "Chip Fingers". Hopefully it wasn't because I was getting chip greese all over the little grapefruit of a ball (we were playing 5 pin bowling).

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