Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lucky as a Bagel

Montreal Bagel

I found a Montreal bagel in the back of my freezer. A good omen as I've been craving a bagel from the Fairmount bakery for at least the last week, so much so that I've considered travelling to Montreal just to pick up another dozen or so.

This may seem like an expensive proposition but it's not. Right now Canada Coach (or was it Coach Canada?) has a seat sale. You can get to Montreal via bus for as low as $1 (if you book online). That's cheaper than taking the public transit across town. Granted there are some restrictions like you have to travel between monday and thursday and not every seat is $1.

Then there's the time thing. Can I afford to take time out to travel there and back? As of today the answer would be "no" as I just got some work for Science North (see I told you the bagel was a good omen).

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