Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Marshmallows: not extinct

Colored marshmallows in my hot chocolate.

Someone told me a while ago that they though small colored marshmallows couldn't be bought any more. While picking up other groceries, lo and behold, I stumbled across bags of colored tiny marshmallows. I bought a pack so I could throw some into my hot chocolate.

Anyone notice that the marshmallows that come with the hot chocolate powder are so small that they dissolve in the hot chocolate by the time you're finished stirring? Why put marshmallows in at all?

I threw some of the larger mini mallows into the hot chocolate after I completed the stirring process, placed the cup on my desk and forgot about it for a few minutes. When I finally remembered my drink, I noticed that all the marshmallows melted into a mosaic of color (see above) creating a layer of sugar on the hot chocolate surface.

Next time I should just buy a bag of normal sized large marshmallows and stick just one on top of the drink.


Anonymous said...

The fake fruity flavours are gross in hot chocolate. I swear by plain white mini marshmallows in my cocoa.

I challenge anyone to find any size marshmallows that still contain actual marshmallow in the ingredients.

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Mmmm, yummy looking!