Saturday, February 21, 2009

GO bus to Hamilton

"What's going on?"

After photographing a house for a realtor in Pickering I took a GO bus from Union station to Hamilton. Normally the bus ride is bettwen 40 and 50 minutes on a good day. Good day being normal sunny weather conditions, average traffic.

Today the trip took one and a half hours due to some snow and crazy drivers. I had slept for the first half of the trip then woke up when the bus stopped for fluids. Stopped for fluids? Maybe windshield fluid. I'm not sure. The driver parked the bus on the side of the road and got out leaving us passengers in the dark (both literally and figuratively).

The second half of the ride was nutty. Being awake I was now aware of my surroundings instead of being in my sleeping ignorant bliss. Shortly after "fluid stop", the bus driver hit the brakes narrowly missing a car that cut us off. We all lurched forward. Some guy on the right side of the bus yelled at the car driver while giving him the finger. As if the car driver could see or hear the angry passenger.

The woman next to me had a cold of some sort and was making sucking noises with her nose as she tried to suck in the liquid that was coming out all over her hand. It was kind of disgusting and I desperately tried to find a kleenex or even some lens cloth that she could blow her nose into. Eventually she used her sleeve. The sleeve that was next to me. I tried sliding over to the left of my seat to squish against the window to create as much space between me and the nasel fluid cloth on her arm.

While all this was taking place I could hear the guy sitting behind me talking to his girl friend on his cell phone. During the conversation I found out that she was driving in a car twenty minutes behind us. I found it ironic that the guy at the beginning of the conversation told her to drive carefully but then proceeded to talk to her for another 10 minutes. She's driving and talking on a cell phone you idiot. The information wasn't even pertinent to her driving (ie. directions or road hazzards). It was what they were going to do for food after they met up. He wanted McDonalds so they could save time getting to whenever they were going to next.

By the time the bus pulled in it was 6:40pm. I had 20 minutes to make it to PepperJacks for the HCRG awards.

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