Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sign Language

Music to make you cry or music for S.O.B.s?

On my way back from a power lunch with Marc (needed to pick his brain about high speed modems) we noticed a car with the license plate shown here. What possesses a person to pick "SOBMUSIC"? Do they like to listen to the stuff? Are they song writers?

Does SOB stand for sad romantic music where one party gets the short end of the stick romantically or is left alone to reminisce about a potential partner far away? Songs like "Can't smile without you" (Barry Manilow) , "Sandy" (From Greese), "To Love Somebody" (Bee Gees), "Time in a Bottle" (Jim Croce), "Send her my love" (Journey), "Against all odds" (Phil Colins) come to mind. Cheesy corny songs that really mean nothing until you fall into that dark place and reflect on your own single life and it comes to you "These song writers are GREAT!! The pain they feel... it's REAL!". All of a sudden the corny songs seem to make a whole lot more sense then you would have ever believed.

Of course the letters SOB could be a short form for Son Of a Bitch. In which case other songs, well one song, comes to mind. "We are the champions" (Queen) sung by the a**hole that just cut you off on the highway thinking he's driving in the grand prix. That song is usually sung by an individual or group of individuals after the heat of competition. They figure that winning isn't enough to make you feel like crap but by singing this song they can further rub your nose in your loss by singing the lyrics real loud and with glee.

I'm such a prick. I should just wish the losing party "better luck next time".

The eyeball in hand - a classic

Another interesting sign I saw while walking home after finding the local Sobey's (grocery store) closed for renovations. It's the eyeball in the hand made famous (to me) by reading all those Dr. Strange comics (published by Marvel Comics). It was an odd comic book character and for some reason the eyeball in hand stuck in my head and creeped me out as a kid.

As for the store, it was home to a psychic of some sort. Hand reading, numerology, something to that effect. The neon sign added a nice cheesy touch to the serious nature of the other signs predicting your future, what's in store romantically, if you're going to be dating happily or go home and listen to the heart sobbing songs alone.

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