Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Visit to the Warsaw Caves

Our first stop to eat.

Somewhere near Peterborough there's a trail near camp grounds, a hiking trail with a bunch of lime stone, and a bunch of caves. This was today's destination. With a sleepy Darryl and our fashion designer/tour guide Andrew, we set out on a hike that would last the day.

Buck shot in the sign... I guess that's reason enough to stay on the trail.

Something worth mentioning...

I read in an email that Bounce sheets (the ones you put in your dryer to get rid of static) will repel mosquitoes and other bugs. Bounce will also keep your shoes and books smelling fresh. It will also help keep dust away from your monitor.

As good as all this sounds I decided to test the "keeping the bugs away" theory. I stuffed seven sheets of bounce in my back pocket. This was based on the information in the email. It was suggested that you put one sheet of bounce in each pocket. This was the amount that postal workers, as described in the email, would use to keep insects away.

Shortly after being in the forest armed with the bounce sheets, I had tucked some of the sheets under my camera bag strap just over my left shoulder, Darryl noticed a large cloud of mosquitoes following my head. If the bugs weren't bouncing off my eyeball or sucking blood from one of my limbs they were swarming around my head. I got to wondering if there were enough of them to deflect bullets coming from who ever shot the "Stay on Trail" sign.

Power lines go across the river.

Inevitably whenever you hike around in Ontario there always seems to be power lines going off into the distance. Why is that?

A "kettle" or a pot hole drilled straight through solid rock.

This hole was created by pebbles or sand being moved by river currents (the river is no longer). The pebble hit the rock in such a way that it caused a small dent or crack. As time goes by the dent or crack gets larger and is rounded out by swirling water drilling downward until, in this case, it goes right through the rock creating a hole or "kettle". We saw many of these but this was one of the larger ones. It's pretty impressive when you think how long something like this would take.

Darryl enters the rectangular forest entrance.

The sun had gone down by the time we arrived back home.

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