Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dance the Night Away

Ballerinas as runway models? Cool.

Tonight's Juicy Stuff assignment took me to the 606 on King street (west of Portland). There was a sick kid's hospital charity event and to my surprise a fashion show. I was a little miffed at the poor last minute intel on the event and as a result I didn't bring enough flash batteries (AAs) as they were all still drained from Montreal. I also left my fast lens at home. It's heavier after all and who wants to lug all that stuff around all the time anyway?

The fashion show consisted of a bunch of ballerinas wearing the garb and dancing down the long narrow path of onlookers and party goers. Not the best lighting and definitely not the greatest set up for actually seeing the clothing. Having graceful women doing the toe thing across the floor was pretty innovative though.

I managed to get in a few good shots (see above) but next time I'll be bring the heavy equipment.

1 comment:

Wade Marshall said...

I've never seen a ballerina with cans like that before. She must be doubly good to carry the extra attachments.