Sunday, March 11, 2007

Don't forget the Zamboni

Janice Williamson embarrasses herself at a birthday party

At the intersection of Bloor and Clinton, at a place called Clinton's, Rob Pincombe had his 40th birthday party. Darryl Gold who turned who knows how old only two days earlier was also on the scene. Alas, the Zamboni (the vehicle that makes the ice rink ice smooth) was forgotten.

The anniversary of the Zamboni is actually the day in between Darryl and Rob's birthdays and the date is a stupid piece of trivia burnt into my brain from when we all worked on the NHL hockey rulebook CD way way back long before this blog was even born.

In birthdays past, Rob and Darryl used to have grand birthday parties involving talented friends getting up on stage and doing their thing. Singing, telling jokes, playing some instrument, there were even conspiring sock puppets. It seemed nothing could stop these two from having fun... except maybe all the prep work involved.

Today was a scaled back tribute to the birthdays long gone. Maybe not as much prep work went in, but the payoff was just as good and entertaining. You might recognize some of the following Canadian (and British) talent, and if not, keep your eyes glued for them. They'll pop up somewhere. Yes, they are that good.

Dave Sparrow tells tales of being a dad to two daughters

Claire Jenkins sings with an almost hypnotic spell

Chris Gibbs shows his talent at making a balloon animal (a worm with a blister)

Graham Powell - singer, song writer, member of the Supers and a photographer!

Clinton's - the back party room

Rob Pincombe and Darryl Gold

Happy Birthday you two!

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Sock Monty said...

I've heard Claire! She's very amazing. Everyone should go see her whenever she's somewhere.