Sunday, May 18, 2008

Photography in the rain

Went to High Park today for a singles networky thing with the theme being nature photography. It was rainy but the ad for the event said "rain or shine". By the time I arrived at the meet up point I received a message on my cell phone saying that it was too windy and they were cancelling the event.

I ended up buying a mediocre burger from the Grenadier Cafe. Then looked around for others. Not seeing anyone else I went out and took photos since I was there anyway. If I had been beed prepared I could have gotten some amazing photos of the local robins poking their head into the ground for worms. Alas, I left my 70-200mm lens at home. Trying to shoot the bird with a 105mm scared them off as I had to get to close.

A photographer I met once a while back one said "If it's grey, shoot all day.". Nature photography is great with the grey skies. It's like a giant softbox in the sky. I took a bunch of water droplet photos to make use of the macro lens (micro lens if you're Nikon).

Our friend the worm.


Rick Dolishny said...

Really awesome natural light stuff derek. Glad you stuck with the weather.

BagelHot said...

Thanks Rick.