Sunday, September 28, 2008

Procrastination strikes again

A super clean toilet bowl

I was jarred awake by my landlord calling me on my cellphone at 9am to wish me happy birthday. I didn't get up to answer the phone but it woke me up enough to realize i didn't get enough sleep. Again, at 11am, another phone call and again at noon. By noon I was awake, kind of, to speak to Emmanuel who had also called to wish me a Happy Birthday.

I managed to avoid doing my tax work today by going out for a bit, to the front yard, to see the sun, get some fresh air, and pet the cat (Pumpkin). I think the cat is feeling a bit distraught over the last few days with Kyoko and Chris moving to the other house (next door). This will be the second time in under a year that they've moved.

Pumpkin ran upstairs and started meowing at me. I gave him a bowl of water and went to wash the toilet. After all anything is better than working on taxes. I should really hire someone to wade through all my receipts and stick them into a database.

With the toilet clean enough to eat out of I decided to update this blog, hence this entry. I will get back to doing the tax stuff once I post this.

The cat, Pumpkin, in my sock bin


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday for yesterday.

BagelHot said...

Thanks Amanda!