Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cat Attack

Post cat attack...

I ventured outside after hearing what sounded like Pumpkin meowing. As I popped my head out the door I saw them. There they were, the three neighbourhood cats in a Mexican stand off once again. As soon as Pumpkin saw me he walked toward me. I walked past Pumpkin and went to pet the other cat Simon who seemed less skittish today.

That was a mistake. I found out as Simon's cat like reflexes, I suppose because she's a cat I can omit the cat reference to the reflexes, made her jump and attack my arm. For a brief moment the cat was hanging off my arm like it was a tree branch. She bit me once then just as quickly as she attacked she let go leaving me with seven deep puncture wounds and a small scratch or two on my elbow.

Stupid cat.

ps. I never thought this would be my 1000th blog entry but there you have it.

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