Saturday, January 24, 2009

HCRG vs Queen City

Buffalo, only one hour away from Hamilton

The first HCRG (that's Hammer City Roller Girls) game this year took place in Buffalo. The trip was actually quite nice in that it was short and crossing the border was quite a pleasant experience. It's always the luck of the draw when getting to the border as the guard can be angry and tired. Like most people if you catch them on the wrong day they can really make your day long and miserable, even if it is just getting your ID checked and cross examined. The two cars in front of us weren't as lucky. They were asked to pull over to the little building behind the guard stations probably to be asked more questions.

I think more that the trip was short helped. We left at about 4pm from Hamilton and arrived at 5:15pm in Buffalo.

Mental note: I really have to get more photos of the outside of the venues we go to as the only one I got in Buffalo was of the sign as we drove by it.

Inside the rink was a very dark environment for us photographers. It was brightened up by Kevin, one of the photographers that brought in his own florescent tubes to replace all the colored tubing owned by the rink. In order to shoot at 1/200 of a second I still had to crank the ISO up to 3200 at f2.8. Not very optimal and of course focusing in such a dark environment was tricky. I think this is the year I pick up the 200mm f2.0 lens. Yeessss... (as I tap my fingers together)... Now if only I had a first born to sell.

The Rainbow Rink

While not as retro as the rink in Wilkes-Barre, as it lacked the shag carpeting, it was still a dedicated roller rink that looked like it was from the 70s. Same size skating area for the most part as the one in Pennsylvania and complete with disco lighting. I love these old venues.

Disco lights.

The 2009 HCRG Travel Team

The game between Hamilton and Buffalo ended with a score of 73 to 49. There seemed to be a lot of wipe outs this time round. Most notably Judge Jody flying into the spectators and not getting up right away. In the end she seemed alright.

Ivy Rupted had her finger or fingers skated over. They were taped up so she could continue to play. Were they were broken or not? To be determined... but they were not deformed (as one of the Hamilton paramedics observed).

Judge Jody flies into the crowd head first.

Ivy Rupted with her taped fingers... and EMS person.

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