Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rest of the day

A different configuration every time.

I kept forgetting Carl couldn't see much of anything. On our walk to the Plucker Carl slipped on some ice walking up some stairs near the bus station. He seemed to be doing fine before that. An explanation is involved here. Last night while his head was in a pelvic thrust, I'm not sure if it was dancing or wrestling or both, Carl lost his glasses. Rather his frame was smashed. He still had the lenses but wasn't wearing them since the incident. This made him blind for the most part or at the very least have blobbo vision.

At the Plucker I ordered the, now "usual", coconut shrimp. I'm not sure why I order that dish on a regular basis. It used to be made differently, deep fried. I find that this isn't as tasty as it's predecessor but still I like to eat it. Also, every time I've ordered it, it always gets served in a different configuration. Perhaps in the back of my brain I wonder if it'll change back to the deep fried version.

After shovelling food into my system and I say shovel because I was starving, starving since 2:40am when I saw Becky eating a shwarma after the awards. I hadn't eaten anything for a few hours prior to that. That was over 12 hours ago.

It's hard to believe Carl didn't get any sleep, he's pissed drunk, almost blind, yet looks "normal"

From the Plucker we took a cab to Perky and Jett's pad and from there got a lift from Scott to Mainway where the HCRG practises. I took a few photos and then when practice was over got a lift back to Hamilton thanks to Dicey and Carla. I felt like a roller derby, camera wielding, hobo this weekend.

Judge Jody

HCRG girls line up for next drill.

Injured Carla Coma sits and watches

speaking of wipe outs

on the GO bus back to Toronto...

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