Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chicks Ahoy!!!

Going in for the kill

Somewhere into the 80s themed night of TORD fund raising for the team Chicks Ahoy! a bunch of us chipped $2 to enter a tit eating competition. Tit as in bird, why they introduced it by that name is rather obvious and it got a bunch of people coming forth with their twoonie.

The birds were lined up on several vertical strings with each vertical string space about 20 cm apart from one another and were hung from a horizontal clothes line with small carabiners. I started off as a participant with my hands (and camera) behind my back. I almost choked on the first marshmallow bird and while engaging the second found myself eating the hair of the girl contestant next to me. My carabiner slid next to hers and our bird strings got tangled up.

I opted out of the competition to take a photo of the guy on the other side of me. Tom Keunen was doing a great job of inhaling the birds, he even used his knee to help steady the stream of chicks into his mouth. Unfortunately someone else was quicker and Tom ended coming in second place.

Dust Bunny with all her peeps

The back of the Cadillac lounge (on Queen street west of Dufferin) was occupied by various booths. You could buy raffle tickets for various prizes, get a trucker hat for $10 with a custom image air brushed onto it, play some card guessing game, and even get your hair done eighties style, jumping into some 80s clothes and getting your photo taken. All of this submerged under a bunch of projected 80s music videos (ie. Tina turner, the Buggles, Wang Chung, Devo, Lionel Ritchie, Fine Young Cannibals, Madness, to name a few).

When the video DVDs ran out 80s music was pumped out via the CD player. Notably, the New Kids on the Block started to play and next thing I know girls were dancing on the benches singing and dancing with the NKOTB dance moves. It was crazy.

Mega Bouche dances to the New Kids on the Block "The Right Stuff"

As the party started to wind down around 2:15ish, the party like most roller derby parties moved from the Cadillac Lounge to one of the Derby Girl's apartments. More drinking, smoking, and hijinks ensued. I left around 5:10am, just before my TTC day pass would expire and managed to get on a bus at exactly 5:30am, the time of expiry. As I was leaving the girls were punching one another. That was followed by a beating up contest until one of them cried "uncle" or whatever the safe word was.

Just another normal night out with the roller girls.

Bambi watches the live wrestling

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