Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Get some FAT on you

FAT, the Toronto Alternative Fashion week (spell the acronym backwards TAF and you get FAT - don't ask, I don't know where that comes from) is the smaller version of Toronto Fashion week. More artsy, more fun, more photographically interesting. The organizers are great, happy people, you wonder why they don't organize the LG Fashion Week event... at least this is what I was told by a worker at JuicyStuff.

This was my first FAT event and the JuicyStuff worker was right. The organizing body of people were quite nice to deal with. Overall the event, compared to the LG fashion week, had more free spirits running around if you will. Dancing, bands playing, aerial acrobatics and yes even a catwalk all in one big room... with a bar. Possibly not as many people but definitely more active people.

An aerial acrobat makes for a confusing photo

At LG fashion week people get herded into the main fashion tent runway section from the bar section (or Fashion environment), sit down, watch the show, applause (maybe), then leave, returning back to the overly crowed fashion environment. The FAT event by contrast had people milling around interacting with the environment. They cheer if they like a good outfit, the model, or the music that's playing (coming from the live band or the DJ). They talk among one another. Overall the demographic of people seem more friendly to one another as well.

While the FAT runways may not have as much money behind them with lighting and number of outfits, it is a refreshing view of the fashion industry.

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