Friday, July 30, 2010

RollerCon 2010 - Day 3

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The Hammer City Roller Girls

Memphis Kitty and Hot Roller of ToRD

The Sports Center $2 breakfast burrito

EuNice B Nasty of the Desert Dolls Roller Derby (Phoenix, Arizona) shares her bagel

Bagel up close

Warming up

The cheese burger

Suzy Hotrod's class

Today's ouch moment during the lunch time bout Sea Level vs High Altitude

Fremont Street Bouts

Gramercy Refs vs Co-Ed Cripplers

B-Train attempts to skate through the inside

Suicide seating photographer tips

Toronto photographer David Artemiw experiences the suicide seat experience.

There are announcers that say that you should be careful when sitting in the suicide section near the track. Skaters will fly into you. This was true for the Fremont Experience.

Here's some tips to help out you and the skater.

  1. placement of camera gear - ideally as a photographer you need your gear near you. You also don't want it getting smashed by a skater. Place the gear behind you (if you're with friends) or on your right side. Depending on where you're sitting a skater will fly into you from the front or from the left. A few bruises on your soft body is better than a broken $2000.00 lens. Also your camera is hard. You don't want it flying into the skater or you.

  2. have an exit strategy - when holding your camera keep in mind that unless you're tossing it to a friend you will be wanting to move your camera out of the way upon a skater's impact. Have a gap (usually on your right, so you're pulling it away from the skater) where the camera can go. An empty space, instead of an area where some other spectator's head is, is good.

  3. don't sit - If you can, depending on those around you and how good your knees are don't sit. One of the things that they teach you when photographing around a race car track is to never be sitting or kneeling on both knees. Kneel on one knee with the other leg ready to get you out of there should something come flying into you.

Amanda Jamitinya avoids flying into my lap at the expense of a wrist injury.

Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder vs Itty Bitty Titty Committee

Fremont Street

Yellow Fever VS F*ck ur face

Ram 'em Noodle slides into the audience

The old red bus back to the Hotel

The stratosphere

The Black and Blue Ball

Swede Hurt and friends

Photo of Axel Adams

Aaaaah!!! It's one of those things that photographers hate to experience. My D700's shutter dies after 228824 photos taken. I resort to using my fuji W1. While it's okay for party photos like this it really sucks for action shots, even during the day. The slow focusing is the thing that really makes taking spontaneous photos difficult.

The bad news is that I won't be taking as many photos for the rest of the week thanks to this set back. The good news is that I believe the camera shutter died within the two year warranty period. I'll be bringing it into Nikon as soon as I get back to Canada.

Couples skate and "friend" poses for the camera

The ToRD girls go nutty for Mr. Rawk's glittery pants.

It is a pool party afterall.

Axel Adam's awesome shoes.

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