Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RollerCon 2010 - Day 1

Before you say "Wait a minute! You took my photo why isn't it here?", the photos on this blog or specifically this blog entry are to summarize my day. I wanted to keep the photo count to 26. Which really isn't enough in my opinion but there is not enough drive space on the blog site to post all the photos for the week (or even day) here.

and so...

I woke up at around 10am (vegas time) and went to go look for the bus pick up to the sports center. The first thing I noticed outside the Hooters Hotel entrance was this card board cut out of a skater (obviously) strapped to another girl's back (like a knapsack).

11:05 Euthanasia, a 2D skater with depth.

With a bit more investigating I found out that Euthanasia (the card board skater) couldn't make it to RollerCon. In lieu of her not being there her derby wife was carrying her likeness with her and getting people to autograph it. So Euthanasia, if you're reading this, while I didn't sign your life size cardboard photo I did take a photo. I think it's amazing that your team from El Paso loves you that much and hopefully you'll be able to make it next year.

11:15 we board the air conditioned bus. Yay!!!

The Sports Center

Wowee, check out the organization this year.

11:54 trading cards!!

While waiting for my media pass to be made I met Major Quad Damage who showed me some Roller Derby playing cards he made. Glossy and a nice stock. I checked the site on the rollercon card ( but found the link went to some computer site. The actual link you want to go to is You can email him at ( and ask about costs and stuff.

The Sports Center main floor

Floor by Ice Court

Jess Bandit and The Rev

13:05 Jackie Nimble and Bambi Lance doing the arm thing to "Greased lightnin".

13:56 Supersonik! (Kim) and I at Whole Foods inspect the tomato samples (N36 04.038 W115 10.446)

The rollercon bus stopped on the way to the Sports Center at a Whole Foods. A very nice (maybe a tad expensive) grocery store. It was a great place to get fruit and water... and apparently alcohol. I keep forgetting the States doesn't have the same restrictions on such things as in Ontario. I took some photos of the various beer for some of the people back home.

Free Samples!!!

13:59 Marcus T. Carcass picks up some beer

...from quite a large selection

14:42 We find Beats Per Minute (Montreal) who walked over from the sports center with Honey Bee (Ottawa) who was waiting for a bus for over an hour.

Driving at Supersonik! speed back to the hotel after dropping Honey bee back at the sports center

14:49 Bump into some Queen City Roller Girls at the front entrance to Hooters

Amanda Jamitinya

16:45 watching the Fremont street bouts

Despite what you think this isn't Amazons VS Short bus.

Team Vagine

Wow! Someone wearing the shirt!!! Awesome!!

19:30 return to the sports center

There are some things you just don't ask about

Look!!! It's the skaters from Australia!! Woot!

Supersonik! and Marcus pose with a license plate in the parking lot.

22:30 I wander off to take some photos

00:00 back at the Hooters Pool running into some HCRG Canucks

00:26 commence pool photography with underwater camera bag

00:31 holding a girl on your shoulders while taking photos and trying not to to be pushed over.

Probably my best underwater photo taken that night.

01:20 Wandering the Strip with Anita Martini and Commie, looking for those $1 margaritas.


Unknown said...

Derek! Love your work, brudda! Loving the underwater shot!

BTW, Roller Derby Trading Cards are at - thanks for the mention!


Roxy Horror said...

"Wow! Someone wearing the shirt!!! Awesome!!"

Me! w00t!