Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Junction

Today was one of those days where I had stuff to do but instead decided to do other something else. I started off by going to the bank to convert change into larger denominations. There was a small pile building up from all the pocket change that I'd been dumping into the inverted money pyramid (container that sorts change) over the last few months.

After the banking done I decided today would be a good day to wander the new neighbourhood and see what was around. I walked to the Junction. Noted the interesting stores. There's a pet store for lizards and smaller pets (ie. hamsters) on the north side of the street. There's also a hardware store, a No Frills grocery store (yay) and an assortment of restaurants (including Vesuvio, the pizza place to go to if you're in the pizza mood).

Exploring the area was also a way to test out the GPS. I needed to get some photos with some actual coordinates to use on my program when I continue to write it, I'm thinking I'll reopen that project on thursday after I finish work on Wednesday and push to get it operational by the weekend. Lofty expectations I suppose but that it my goal. Most of the guts are programmed already.


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