Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Girl with the Pivotstar Jacket

On set photographer and pizza lover, Scott Garfield on Milk Street

As the days on set in Boston drew to a close Scott and I decided it was a good time to go to the Haymarket Pizza one last time and enjoy a slice or two (or three). If you're in Boston I highly recommend this place. It's a no nonsense pizza place that's good and inexpensive. Cheap and good how can you beat that?

For all you lazy people out there, here's a link to Google Maps. For the people with GPS devices here's the coordinates (N42 21.689 W71 03.378).

Inhaling pizza slices at Haymarket Pizza.

Scott looks like he's in a food coma

Christmas tree leftovers at the public garden

We had just come out of the Loews Theatre from watching David Fincher's "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" movie, had the pizza and went our separate ways. On the way to the train station I noticed a pivotstar jacket on someone and having not photographed roller derby for the last four months had to go introduce myself.

"Hello, Are you a roller derby skater?"

While in hindsight this seemed kind of creepy, at the time I think the skater and friend were more amused that I even knew what roller derby was. They even entertained me by posing for a few photos. (photos that I would eventually send off to LuluDemon; "oh yeah that's right, I 'know' people")

Skater and friend pose for the "derby photographer"

It was good seeing some derby people after about four months of not being able to photograph any derby what so ever and also missing the world cup (held in my home town of Toronto). So if anyone out there knows who this skater is ,she skates in Canada on the west coast is all I remember and originally from the States, please forward her these photos. Awesome and Thanks.


Marty said...

I think I know the pivotstar girl in the pictures... I've sent her the blog link and hopefully she'll comment on here :)

Anonymous said...

yeah Harlot!