Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jack and Lois

Cheese Burger!

If moving wasn't making my life hectic enough, about a week and a half ago I got called in to work on a television show to prep it. The show was a lot more work than anyone there really suspected and as a result I've been working full time since.

This is not a bad thing. While normally having work doesn't bother me this is just another thing to make finding and moving apartments that much more difficult. If I am to stay on this job I only have a few weekends left to find an apartment and move. Granted, I have moved in shorter times previously, but for some reason this has been causing a lot of undue stress.

Today was my first day off in eight days. I went to Hamilton to do a food photo shoot for a friend's restaurant. "Jack and Lois", a small sit down place featuring some great sandwiches and exotic coffee. It's the first time leaving Toronto since getting back from Boston. I figured I could even visit some Hamilton friends while I was there. I needed a break.

There's something relaxing about taking photos in the midst of all this other stuff going on. Also getting fed amazing sandwiches wasn't so bad either.

Jack and Lois, 301 James street north, Hamilton, Ontario.

Tomato Soup

A cross section of one of the many selections of large sandwiches.

Sean the head chef and food guy at Jack and Lois

Pile o sandwiches!

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