Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Beef Patty

The Christmas Patty

This was the only food I had today. It might sound sad that the only food I ate was a beef patty and a can of ginger ale being that A) I enjoy food and B) its on one of the days when the whole nation is stuffing themselves silly.  Truth be told I was still stuffed from last night's feast.  I practically ate an entire pork roast by myself then went into a major food coma that lasted until this morning.

The wobbly feeling of having eaten too much combined with hours of sleep and the thought of becoming a fat blob was enough to get me to go outside to walk around a bit.  The walk would also serve as a chance to collect photos with matching GPS data to test my GPXdistiller program.

It's pretty great to walk around during Christmas day as there's hardly any traffic and the streets are empty. See attached photos...

The neighbourhood CoffeeTime N43° 39.892'  W79° 27.521'

Ski-doo N43° 39.920' W79° 27.932'

Here's a sad BlockBuster location N43° 39.917' W79° 27.953'

N43° 39.936' W79° 28.113'

N43° 39.930' W79° 28.130'

Some random Christmas windowN43° 39.928' W79° 28.147'

N43° 39.928' W79° 28.272'

N43° 39.935' W79° 28.538'

N43° 39.933' W79° 28.382'

N43° 39.933'  W79° 27.789'

N43° 39.864'  W79° 27.461'

N43° 39.868'  W79° 27.415'

N43° 40.026'  W79° 27.471'

N43° 40.098'  W79° 27.324'

I returned home to find this at my door. A package from my amazing landlords. It was a box of chocolate. Merry Christmas!

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