Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scratch that

Dave shows his scratch built models

While meeting up with Dave for lunch I, being the exploring adventurer (note: this is the politically correct term for 'nosy busy body'), looked around the apartment focusing on the number of scratch build models Dave had built.

Note the detail on the R2 unit

As a person that has loved computer graphics since seeing an asterisk run around a 2001 series PET computer I find it disheartening that well built physical models are becoming a thing of the past. It's a dying art (at least in the movie/TV business) as computer graphics become more real looking, the need for practical models is lessened.

X-wing fighter (uh duh)

For those that don't know, a scratch build model is a model made from scratch. Parts are hand crafted, moulded, sanded and glued to fit together. It's a lot more work than making a model from a kit. There's also more skill required. So when you see a model made from scratch there is a certain amount of awe and appreciation for the person that made the thing, especially if the models look good.

fish and chips N43° 42.378' W79° 21.718'

Getting back to the food. We ended up going to Olde Yorke Fish and Chips restaurant on Laird, south of Eglinton.  I must say this is probably one of the best fish and chips places in all of  Toronto.  The fish is fresh and the batter is not greasy. 

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