Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jack Got Beans

Plastic rocks...

There are some really bizarre things that you can purchase at the Dollarama dollar store. Like these rocks for your garden. For $2 you can get a bag of these plastic rocks that GLOW in the dark. I originally picked up the rocks to line the hamster cage. The hamster bedding while soft doesn't make for a great foundation for the flying saucer. The bedding gives and is a bit springy making the flying saucer wobble and make noise when one of the hamsters is running on it. I figured smooth rocks would be better.

...that glow in the dark.

The fact that they glow in the dark is just a bonus that speaks to the kid in me. All cool toys had glow in the dark features. Heck, I even had glow in the dark show laces during the Wham days. So what if it's made of radioactive material.

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