Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wherever you go, there you are

Making sure my camera is time synced to the GPS devices.

Today Toronto was hit by snow. I poked my head out at 9:30 to look for mail only to be blinded by the intense whiteness of a light snow fall. It should be noted that the best photos of cities, still life, etc. are always photographed when the weather is terrible. The worse the weather the better the photos. I think this is an inversely proportional thing. It makes sense because the majority of people A) don't want to subject themselves to the elements, B) don't want to expose their gear to the bad elements. As a result, and this is my theory, there are less photos in terrible conditions so the photos that do exist are more unique and perhaps special.

Don't get me wrong, you can still take crappy photos in the rain, snow, and blizzard. I also suppose that taking photos of snow is probably not that interesting if you live in an area where there's snow 365 days. I'm in Canada. I'm sure taking photos of snow is interesting to my Australian friends.

N43° 40.097'  W79° 27.325'
How many people do you know that go out in the middle of a cold winter night to shoot sewer gratings? Go out into a water drenched city setting? Go to the beach for a blizzard in -16 degree weather? Trudge through knee deep snow for five hours to get one shot? If you're reading this post you know at least one. Yes, it's me.

N43° 39.841' W79° 27.576'

My main goal today was two fold. 1) get outside, 2) test my GPS devices, 3) test out my newly compiled software with the data I've collected. I have three GPS devices, four if you include my iPad. The Tripmate850, the Garmin legend HCx, and the Houlux. The nice thing about the Garmin is that I know it works. So I would use that as my base for comparison.

N43° 39.818' W79° 27.664'

N43° 39.628' W79° 27.584'

N43° 39.532' W79° 27.549'

N43° 39.512' W79° 27.628'

N43° 39.499' W79° 27.652'

N43° 39.511' W79° 27.696'

N43° 39.478' W79° 27.684'

N43° 39.310' W79° 27.615'

N43° 39.209' W79° 27.670'

N43° 39.201' W79° 27.836'

N43° 39.192' W79° 27.845'

N43° 38.971' W79° 27.903'

N43° 38.947' W79° 27.910'

N43° 38.727' W79° 27.889'

N43° 38.658' W79° 27.856'

N43° 38.588' W79° 27.788'

N43° 38.560' W79° 27.666'

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