Sunday, March 23, 2014

Laundry and X-wing Fighters

You know it's a slow day when doing laundry and building x-wing fighters out of Lego is the high point.  For me assembling Lego kits is a great way to relax, kind of like building Ikea stuff but a smaller more manageable scale.  And laundry, well it's nice to walk into a room without someone saying "Peew, you stink." or "Hey, it's that the same shirt you've been wearing for the last few days?".  After all you're not a comic book character like Charlie Brown.

It's Sunday today and I'm still exhausted from the last week.  Our work schedule had us starting at 7pm on Monday for second unit, then switching to days on to main unit for Tuesday.  It's been quite and long stint so far since our last hiatus and we still have 5 to 7 weeks to go.  I feel like I need time off just to sleep.

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