Thursday, February 01, 2007

All's Well

Yummy Jelly Logs with close captioning

Today I saw two movies. One at the Bloor Theatre the other on DVD. From both, I've managed to pick up two things. Being obsessed is is bad (the Prestige) and being emotionally detached is also bad (Equilibrium). Somewhere in the middle is the ideal place of being.

So why bring this up? Well to be honest it was just to mention that I'd watched two movies (which I thought were both pretty good) and to segue, although a bit clumsily, into taking care of Humbert. You see, the owners, Rick and Sabrina are probably in Paris (France) right now wondering if the cat is still alive. So this entry is to say that "Yes, the cat seems to be doing fine." and there's a picture to prove it.

Going to the house almost felt like watching a pop up video or watching close captioning. There were small post-it notes all around the house with information on how to use the product or item it was next to. Take the TV remotes for example. The Post-its told which one did what and how to access the satellite TV. On the kitchen counter, a cat time table with three bottles of liquids for us. Us being the three groups of volunteers on rotating shifts for the next week. (Thanks for the large bottle of non-diet Coke by the way).

Humbert, doing fine.

I will be going back to the house tomorrow morning before my photo gig to check up on the cats. It is my intention to post something every day until friday morning of next week.

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