Saturday, February 03, 2007

Stuff me silly

The neighbourhood is still growing.

12:30pm, Marc and I made our way up to Zee and Juley's place somewhere on the edge of nowhere (just north of Canada's Wonderland). They invited us over to socialize and eat with our other comp sci friends.

Catching up in the kitchen

The food started off with small appetizers, very yummy appetizers. I stuffed myself. The food was placed and replenished right in front of me by Juley the busy kitchen worker. Sort of like a bag of potato chips sitting next to you. It's easy to keep going until the bag is finished. I didn't realize how much I ate until the actual lunch was served, a Moroccan chicken dish. It was around that point that my stomach said "no more." or at least "slow down".

One of the small appetizers

After slowly making my way through the mound of food put on my plate we sat around drinking coffee, tea, and stuffing ourselves with Renata's homemade brownies and cookies. Holy cow! I felt like I was going to burst. That and I felt rather sleepy.

Moving very sluggishly to the living room I made a bee line to the couch. It was there that Zee showed me some kids program on DVD that they had gotten for Michaela to watch. Like a lot of kids programs there were puppets, colorful stock footage, quirky sounds, all with some theme. Water, shapes, colors, math, monkeys with bananas, that sort of thing.

Michaela was watching the monkeys with bananas when Zee (her father) changed the video to shapes and some real bad computer graphics animation. She instantly burst into crying mode. I thought that was hilarious.

"What kind of low quality stuff are you trying to make me watch?"

Nancy learns her shapes... while improving her hand eye coordination.

Juley reads to her daughter

Zee blows air causing Michaela to laugh

For the evening it was off to Kyoko and Chris' place to help Kyoko with her computer imaging skills. It's difficult training a newbie to use a computer over the phone without seeing what's on their screen. It was something I was trying to do earlier on in the week.

"What's the difference between the windows interface and a program?". Yikes, This will require sitting in front of the computer and showing them what's what. So tonight that's what happened. I figured out where I was messing up in about a second once I saw what she was doing or rather wasn't doing. With the problem solved it was on to more eating. Cheese, sausage and crackers.

Pumpkin is not impressed

Sausage meat.... mmmmm.

Hilary looks bewildered

Photo taken by Kyoko of Chris

Kyoko laughs

By the time I left to go and see Humbert (our favourite diabetic cat) I felt like I wouldn't have to eat for a week.


Cupcake said...

What are those apps on the sticks? They look yummy! BagelHot could you get the recipe from Juley for me, as I wouldn't mind making those for an upcoming party.

Zee said...

We're not on the edge of nowhere, you're just really far south.

Wade Marshall said...

Was that Moroccan chicken dish served on a bed of eggos, by chance?

Zee said...

Cupcake, those appetizers are easy to's bocconcini cheese cut in halves, a basil leaf, and a cherry tomato cut in half. Put on a skewer. Then for a dipping sauce it's simply olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

theotherbear said...

Ditto to Cupcake - those appetisers look fabulous. Presentation is everything, eh.