Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Night

Watching the Oscars at Paula's place.

I managed to get invited to an Oscar party, complete with print outs of the nominees, prizes and brain stumping games. Well actually it was one game that involved everyone getting a post-it on their back with a name on it. The name can be fictional, or real, or even the name of some movie monster (ie. the Kraken, or Mothra, or Christine).

The idea was that you had to guess the name on your back by asking others in the room questions. You could ask as many questions as you wanted and we never really kept score as it was mostly for fun and a good way to meet people that normally you might not have anything in common to talk about. It worked great.

The first post-it I had was the borg queen. Once I narrowed the subject down to a character on Star Trek it was pretty simple. "Did the character appear on the original series?", No, "TNG?", "Yes", "main character?", "No", "Borg?", "yes", "Hugh?", "no", "The Borg Queen", "yes". See how simple it is.

The next name was harder. It was Che Guevara. The third name was "Rocket Robin Hood".

Gord's first mystery name.

Poor Gord had be cursed with the names of Christine and the Kraken, the water monster that appeared in Clash of the Titans. It took him a very long time to get those. "Is the character human?". "No". Where do you go from there? It took him a while to ask the human question.

This year during the checking out the celebs TV segment the broadcaster actually had a freeze frame with a graphics overlay, kind of like those Xs and Os with arrows when you watch a football game play breakdown by the sportcasters. The lines or circles drawn on over the celebs pointed out "engagement" rings, bad pant lines, and other fashion do's and don'ts. It was really bizzare.

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