Thursday, February 15, 2007

Good Bye Humbert

Humbert purrs on the coffee table sitting in the sun light

I got an email today from Sabrina. Due to kidney failure Humbert died on tuesday. While I'm glad he didn't die on my watch I'm sad to see the little allergy bag go. For the week that I took care of him he was a very affectionate and social cat.

Humbert will be missed.


theotherbear said...

awww that is sad. sorry to hear that.

Anonymous said...

shitty... my old matriarch cat in Vancouver had to be put down last month for the same reason...

she was about 20, tho'

long live The Chubb

Anonymous said...

God, I can't even imagine the weight of the loss felt by those who loved him. I could never understand why people would go on and on about their animals until I got my 'little allergy bag' but I sure get it now.
My sympathies to his loved ones.

Anonymous said...

My sympathies. I lost my cat, Cafe' to bad kidneys,too. (She, relatedly, was a former roommate of Mr. Bagel's - yes, he actually lived with a big shedding-light-fur-upon-black-clothes allergy bag once upon a time.) Everyone out there who has a pet to hug, hug your pets for those us us missing ours.