Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How cold is it?

Pigeons get warm

After sitting around with the cats for a bit reading the morning newspaper I headed downtown to customs Canada to declare my photo gear, do some banking and pick up some dual layered DVDs. Holy cow it was cold.

How I tell it's cold in Toronto...
  • I can see my breath

  • my hands are cold with gloves on

  • second guess my decision to NOT bring a scarf

  • my coat seems to not be working

  • wearing ski googles no matter how silly people think they might look on me doesn't matter any more

  • see sewer gratings emitting steam

  • see pigeons sitting around sewer gratings to get warmth

  • camera shutter doesn't seem to work

  • It's not the camera it's my index finger that's frozen

After finding out that my favorite media selling store (CCBC) didn't have anything in stock that I wanted I decided to meet up with Emmanuel for a late brunch at the Stem.

Emmanuel at the Stem. Exposure calculated using my Sekonic duel master


theotherbear said...

wearing ski goggles??? What for???

BagelHot said...

RE: wearing ski googles

So your face doesn't freeze.

BagelHot said...

RE: wearing ski googles

So your face doesn't freeze.

Anonymous said...

Although I try and stay 'fashionable' when I can, when the weather gets to the 'STUPID cold' level, I break out the 'no-holds-barred' winter clothing... including my multi-function balclava type thing (long tube hat with hole in it), which not only keeps your whole face very warm, but also has the added benefit of making you like some sort of ninja or freedom fighter.

(Wow, that had to be the longest run-on sentence in history)