Sunday, February 18, 2007

Returning Home

Josie waits for a cab to the airport

We managed to get to Heathrow airport an hour before our flight. Despite getting to the airport late and having problems with the high tech machines not reading our passports properly we managed to sneak in under the deadline and get our plane.

Our first stop within the airport was cafe Italia. It's the third time I've flown out of Heathrow and the third time I've had food there. They have great food. Today was the "pollo verde", a chicken sandwich with avocado (pollo = chicken, verde = green).

The flight was seven and a half hours. We didn't have the high tech monitors behind each seat this time around. Instead there were a few large monitors scattered throughout the plane. "The Guardian" was playing. It started while I was napping and I missed the beginning. Instead of watching the movie I decided to read the book I bought a week before at the Toronto airport, the Three Musketeers. It's one of the many books that had escaped my reading as a kid. Yes I've seen the movie, read the fat little book, and even had read the Classics Illustrated comic book a few times, but the actual book... no.

The Plane food...

at least the food that I was served while I was not sleeping.

A view of Toronto from the air... geez there's a lot of snow.

At the airport while picking up our luggage I noticed my camera case was opened. Unfortunately it was while I was picking it up off the treadmill that I found out when all my lenses and gear started falling out. "What the ___ hell???". Someone had gone through my luggage at Heathrow and couldn't put the stuff back properly but at least they closed the case. It was probably customs, which is fine. Here in Toronto not only was my equipment not placed into the case properly the case was not latched!

After a $60 limo ride home I was greeted by a slippery drive way covered with about 15 centimeters of snow and ice. I almost fell on my butt trying to navigate me and my luggage around the neighbour's car.

It's good to be back... As I hope that I didn't return with any six legged guests.

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