Saturday, February 12, 2005

The sleeper awakes...

This tree was placed on the walkway to my apartment by one of the upstairs tenants around the beginning of January. There's more snow and ice around it now but it's still there. I'll have to wait until it's warmer to dismantle it (saw/bundle).

I woke up at 7:00pm today. Thanks to my cold thing, whatever it was, I am again on night shift hours. Feeling a lot better, with no dizziness, I might add, I realized that tomorrow is Tracy's birthday. Yes Tracy the vegetarian girl mentioned in some other post way back when. I had a few things in mind in case the first thing I set out to get was not available. I always have a plan B when it comes to gift giving. Sometimes plan B isn't that spectacular though as it's usually a gag gift which might be a good laugh. Sometimes it's something very inappropriate. Once I gave a friend of mine (who will remain nameless) a small Frankenstein monster. He had it in his living room until he got married. Then it disappeared. Maybe if I got them a bride of frankenstein for their wedding gift? Oh well.

Thinking about Tracy also got me into thinking that I haven't had any So Soya+ foods in along time. Women, foods. They both have so much in common don't they? "So Soya+" is a brand name. They box microwavable food in bowls, nut like things called "crunchers", and an assortment of TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) in boxes along with little pouches of flavoury goodness. Sweet and Sour, jerk, honey garlic and that sort of thing. The items which look suspiciously like dog food come in various shapes. Chicken fingers, beef strips, ground beef. I personally like the chicken strip sizes.

Aside from the food being vegetarian (and some vegan) the food doesn't require refrigeration, and has a shelf life of two plus years! Ies I'm one of those that are guilty of growing extraterrestrial life in the back of my fridge, or perhaps a better description is detailed replica of a transporter malfunction. "What we got back didn't live long... fortunately." ST: TMP <--- geek for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The food, and this is where it all ties together, was introduced to me by Tracy at the last veggie food fair we attended. They had a super sampler pack for something like 30.00. I was contemplating to buy it or not. Tracy gave it the thumbs up so I bought it and have been hooked since. This would be the first time I'd actually have to find the item in a store as I've just only started to run out of my initial purchase. I went to three different vegetarian food stores and everyone I talked to was like talking to a chicken. That blank look (see previous post). No one had heard about it. Some thought it was soy bean curd like thing in a plastic container, others thought it was some soup mix. The last store I went to didn't know what it was but while doing a quick scan of their shelves I noticed the crunchers. "Oh that So Soy+ stuff", "Yes that stuff", "No we don't carry that", "d'oh".

Sadly I couldn't find the so soy food. The good news though is that I did find Tracy's plan A. yea! When I got home I found that you can order the food online.
Double yea!

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