Monday, January 17, 2005

Tips on Eating Vegetarian

Trying to eat better? Trying to date a vegetarian (there are some very attractive vegetarians out there)? Trying to be nicer to animals? Can't afford meat on your low fixed income budget? Want to cut the intake on fatty foods? Well whatever your reason eating vegetarian food is much like eating "regular" food. Don't worry I'm not going to go into all the "propaganda" stuff like saving animals, avoiding steriods, blah... blah, blah... blah, blah...Plants, BTW can have altered DNA as well... like the wheat that requires specific fertilizer. What's with that? The following are pointers for all those interested and are based on my personal experience...

1. It helps to have friends that are vegetarian (ie. Al and Tracy). As when you go to eat any other foods good company is always a plus. While choosing your food, if you're undecided, you can ask what they recommend. Going with a group of people will also allow you to order a larger number of dishes than if you were to go alone, allowing you more variety. Yes you can share dishes.

2. Have an open mind. A lot of people may complain because there's no meat. So what? Chocolate eclairs don't have pork in them (not the ones I eat anyway). Think of eating vegetarian food as just some other kind of food. Don't think it's bad just because it's vegetarian. Some you may like, some you may not. Seems normal enough.

3. Go to a "good" place. As specified earlier, not all vegetarian food has to taste good. Some can be bland, some can be pretty terrible, or too spicey, but like any food it can be good, even great.

4. Don't give up after one go. The first place may actually have been crap. Try a bunch of different places. If at some point you think you've exhausted the different resturants and food types, pat yourself on the back. At least you've tried something new.

For more info and perhaps a bit more propaganda oriented you can go to the Toronto Vegetarian Association.

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