Tuesday, January 10, 2006

BagelHot Up and Running

Yikes! How much time did I spend working on that?

Yesterday I worked on my web site for 14 hours straight (4am to 6pm). Mainly looking through my insano photo archives for photos to put up. Until I can find better ones the ones posted will have to do.

Well okay not all of my time was working on the web page I spent a few minutes toying with John's online magnet letter board (you can too just click on the following link).

To see the new web site and maybe a few new pictures go to http://www.bagelhot.com/.

NOTE: The web site has not been tested for microsoft explorer so you might get weird results.


Sock Monty said...

14 hours is a long time! My Mum works on her site in dribs & drabs, but I think that's because she has no idea what she's doing, or even if it's a possible thing to do. I liked your site. It's very nice. I also went & played on that magnet board thingy. That was fun.

Anonymous said...

So I tried BagelHot.com, and it burned the roof of the mouth of my Netscape 7.02/Mac browser. It would not load as of 03:43 EST. I hope you good sleep and better Netscape HTML luck, for both you and I.