Saturday, January 14, 2006

They seem innocent enough

Asha, person of 2, contemplates using her mind control over an unsuspecting adult.

Anyone who has kids will tell you, the single guy, that any kid can break the most determined adult. Even in Star Trek Picard told Riker countless times that kids were not his greatest area of expertise. The captain of a starship, the guy who survived the Borg. Move aside Cardassians, with a kid Picard probably would have said "three lights" within the hour.

How many times have you gone to a restaurant where the kid is running around, throwing food, and screaming like a banshee? For me it seems like a lot.There have been times where I wanted to go over and throttle the kid right after the parent who seemed to not even notice what was going on.

That said today I went over to Cupcakes place to help move some stuff around. They were making room for the new addition (to the family) and were getting the nursery ready for the next incoming. One of the jobs that popped up that wasn't really advertised when the call went out was to entertain the existing kid, Asha.

Moving boxes, taping up walls to paint trim, driving mom to home depot to get paint. These were pretty easy compared to the Kid. Asha, an adorable little person, with a big head and big eyes, like most kids, have a undefined amount of energy. Running back and forth, shaking up and down, squealing with glee, I was amazed that she could still have energy to ask people questions, play, and jump up and down some more.

After reading a tiny 10 page book to her about a mouse on a farm five times I got pretty tired. How do people find energy to entertain kids for so long? Lifting boxes and driving around town didn't seem that bad. Perhaps it's because when you're with kids you always have to be on your feet. They ask you questions you don't know the answers to and if you do you might not really know how to answer them in terms they would understand or that the parents would approve of.

The next time I see some kid in a restaurant that's quietly eating with it's parents, I think I'll tell the parents that they're doing a great job. Then, after leaving the restaurant, I'll be happy to be back to being single with no kids. Aaaah... the quiet.


Cupcake said...

I thought you were having a good time with Asha? You looked like you were enjoying some time with her? I know Asha was asking about you after you left and the next morning.

Also, I thought my sister and her hubby were staying for dinner, and she would've entertained her neice all night if she stayed. Sorry BagelHot, I didn't know Asha took a lot out of you.

BagelHot said...

Oh I liked entertaining the kid. I was just very tired after that. You parent type people are incredible.