Saturday, January 21, 2006

There's Dirt Everywhere!

An old Mini Located behind the Rhino (resturant/bar on Queen street west).

The Hello software is acting up again and so I've had to resort to using the Blogspot default add a picture icon. As you may have noticed I've been getting behind on the blogging thing. Part of it is do to being busy trying to look for work and the other part is just not going out and taking pictures. WHAT? Not taking pictures? No, hell has not frozen over but my camera has been bugging me a bit with all the dirt that has collected on the sensor. It's annoying to have the odd dirt dot on pictures and the dust specs are so small you can't really see them on the sensor.

In an effort to keep the sensor clean I have been using an air blower with the camera upside down trying to get the dust, dirt, lint, or whatever the stuff is off the sensor and out of the camera body. It got to the point where the little particles became so annoying that I went to the camera store and bought some sensors swabs. Basically little squeegies for you camera.

It seemed to good to be true. For only $30.00 you could get a kit to clean your sensor. The kit contains three squeegies and some fluid that doesn't leave any residue. After reading the instructions about five or six times I gingerly applied the stuff to the sensor. The good news is that it got rid of the big particles of lint, dirt, whatever. The bad news is that it left a bunch of muck on the sensor. No residue my ass. It also did not get rid of the biggest piece of dirt which I think has been welded into place probably by moisture condensation. Also little hairs were left on the sensor from the swab fibres. Thankfully I managed to get the fibres off with the air blower.

I am bringing my camera into Nikon first thing monday which is really what I should have done in the first place. The only thing that stopped me was the turn around time being so slow. They took two months to fix my Nikon 990 and the cost was more than getting another 990 on ebay. If they can't clean it (for a hundred bucks) I'm going to have to look at buying a new sensor. Crap!

The product to be weary of is by American Recorder. It's the digital sensor cleaning kit. In all fairness they do have a warning to use at your own risk. As a user of the product I would like to warn anyone thinking about using it and tell them not to.

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