Saturday, November 03, 2007

Amanda's Birthday Party

Amanda the birthday girl.

I was invited to crash a birthday party for a girl I didn't know. I did know Trevor and Allison from the Roller Derby and these were the people whose apartment housed the party. At first it was a bit awkward. As soon as I stepped into the living room the occupants just stopped what they were doing and seemed to all stare in my general direction thinking "Who is this guy and why is he taking photos?".

It was like one of those moments in a movie. People stopping while doing various activities, drinking, smoking, listening to music, having a conversation. If it were a western I swear I could see a tumbleweed drift by. The silence was broken by Melanie saying "He's the roller derby photographer. He's good.". Then almost as if someone switched off the pause button everyone went back to what they were doing.

The kitchen

Allison and Marybeth

Melanie laughs at the 70s door phone.

The kitchen with more people.

The Living Room

Carla and the sparkler. Don't try this at home kids.

Maya's sparkler is fading out.

The broken cigarette

The beer hose used by Amanda to chug a king can in under three seconds!

Allison behind a wall of empty beer cans

Guitar Hero

Carla demonstrates the art of the beer hose

Possibly one of the funniest things I've seen in quite a while, Carla demonstrates how to apply and use the funnel and beer hose. Look at the concentration. She's very clinical (if that's such a word). It would make for a great section in a coffee table book one day.

First while holding the hose in U shape fill hose with beer.

Second attach one end of the hose to the beer connoisseur's mouth making sure the U shape is intact.

Finally, raise end of hose not attached to month into the air as fast as possible.

Meanwhile in Trevor's room I got to witness a pile on. It's where a group of people pile on top of one another for no real apparent reason other than the fact they are drunk out of their minds. It makes for some good comedy.

"That's Trevor's foot."

"It doesn't matter because I'm smashed."

Safe sex?

Dave poses with guitar.

Post party ashtray

Dave, the sacred vessel of life.

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