Thursday, November 08, 2007

Eat and be Merry

Looking down College street from Spadina ave

I went down to College street to pick up another hard drive. It was raining. Overall I was just trying to fight the boredom of sitting at home. Later on as a thank you for taking photos of the roller derby Leah had taken me out for dinner. We ended up at the nearby Occasions restaurant. It's extremely convenient as it's located just on the next block north of my apartment.

My hot hamburger at Occasions

Leah or should I say "Miss Carriage"

Along with the gift of food she had also dumped on me a whole slew of DVD titles. There were some pretty obscure movies that I didn't even recognize. Then there were titles I sort of recognized. For example "Highlander", only it wasn't the movie with Christopher Lambert, it was a cartoon... nay, a Japanese Anime by the same direction that did "Fist of the Northstar".
The movie was loosely based on the same movie franchise that I loved but thought should have stopped over the first one.


As a side note, if anyone hasn't been keeping track I have and that's the beauty of this blog, that I keep track of mundane details that some of you may not notice. Highlander 2 has been released a whole bunch of different times. There was Highlander 2: The quickening, Highlander 2: The Renegade version, and supposedly there's another version coming out.

For anyone that has seen the franchise Highlander 2 (the quickening) tried to explain the "prize" by making the Highlander an alien. What the heck? When the producers found out the movie bombed (even though I had dragged a contingent of my computer science class with me to see it on opening day) they went and filmed more stuff then released another version getting rid of the whole extraterrestrial idea.

I saw both versions (so in the end I guess their plan worked... on me at least), and again I was disappointed that a sequal had not lived up to it's predecessor.

End of HIGHLANDER2 rant

Later on that evening I joined Dominic and Juliet for dessert at a place on the Danforth called Dimitri's, a place that sells crepes and ice cream and waffles among other things.

Juliet and Dominic

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