Saturday, June 21, 2008


Bitchslap Barbie of the HCRG steamrolls CN Power's Mia Culprit

The Hammer City Roller Girls travel team played their first away game this season and it was in Toronto. How's that for convenient? The odd thing though is that even though the George Bell arena in Toronto is closer to where I live than the Dave Anderchuck arena in Hamilton it actually cost me more to get to George Bell. Why is that? I took a $40 cab ride in order to move my lighting gear.

To get to Hamilton I'd normally take the TTC ($2.25), the GO bus ($9.00) and a cab ($10.00) but even if I took a cab to the GO station ($20.00) it would still end up being less expensive (by $1) than taking a cab across town. Go figure. On a side note, it's even cheaper to get to Montreal as you can get a bus ticket for only $1 plus GST, provided you travel on the off peak hours with Coach Canada.

Pivot (Carla Coma) and blocker (Dicey) keeping tabs on an incoming jammer

The bout between Toronto and Hamilton was one of those highly anticipated games of the season. Ever since the Montreal Beast of the East tournament a few months ago, roller girls from the two leagues have wanted a rematch.

And what a rematch it was. The game was a nail biter for the first two periods. At one point tied at 61 points each. Although I swear I thought the score board didn't get updated with points for Hamilton a few times. In the end the HCRG took the victory with 105 points to Toronto's CN Power's 95.

Vicadoom breaks away from the pack.

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Anonymous said...

Great game played by both teams under the WFTDA 3.0 rules. Love to play derby and I love to ref it too.

I expect that the CN Power team looks forward to playing on "enemy turf" and will win or lose with dignity.

Too bad about transportation, next time car pool. Or SKATE! :P