Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Outside World

Baby McDermott laughs at one of my many facial expressions.

Today was the first time in what felt like months, literally, where I felt like I had been able to go outside and just do nothing. Since coming back from London back in Feburary I've been pretty lucky to have consistent work. The only down side is that consistent work also means consistent solitary confinement in front of the computer. While this is not a difficult task in the winter when it's cold, it's a bit more demanding in the warmer months when other events and interesting things are taking place.

I delivered the final project data last night. It opened up a grand day of going out and doing nothing but socializing, seeing people I haven't seen in a long time, and wander around town to see if anything new presented itself.

The day started off by meeting up with Thomas and his daughter for lunch. She is five months old and is also the marker for the approximate amount of time since I last saw Thomas.

An aphid playing possum

From future bakery I walked over to Yonge and Bloor and then down to Monster Records where Roger noticed I was wearing an aphid. After knocking off my jacket onto the counter we looked at it. "Is it dead? Oh wait, it was just faking. See it's moving!". We gently scooped it up onto a piece of paper and let it go outside.

Lounging at Monster Records

Wall o labels

Sorry Laine, I couldn't resist.

After catching up a bit with Roger I walked down to the camera stores on Queen street passing by this walking crackberry and an odd light installation at Dundas Square.

Lights at Dundas Square

Downtown camera had a flash on order but the one I checked out didn't seem to work properly. It was just after 6pm and I had managed to get into the store before they locked the doors. Not wanting to hold them up I told them I'd return tomorrow.

From there I walked toward the Tibetan restaurant a bunch of people were meeting at. Anya from the last photo rampage had organized a group eating session. The restaurant is located at 1439 Queen street west. Just a bit west past lansdowne.

A guy jumping off a garbage can on Queen street

On the way there somewhere near Spadina a guy was just finishing some kind of performance with the grand finale being the act of jumping off a garbage can while doing a somersault.

The tibetan foodies

By the time I arrived home my feet were killing me. I think I need new shoes or maybe I should just not carry so much stuff.

Sometime around 4:30am.

I started backing up the project on my computer and started hearing noises coming from the backyard. When I went to investigate I saw five little raccoons and a big mother. They were in the garbage cans next door.

The mother raccoon confronts me "Whaddya lookin at bub."

The family of raccoons make their escape.

Just out of range of my SB-800, you can just barely make out their silhouettes on the backyard fence.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you finally delivered your Microsoft project! I hope you get some "normalacy" back ... what a minute, you don't have anything that resembles normal in your life. Well so long as you get you see your friends and some quality time with your grandmother, then that's all that counts.