Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cats and old Jeans

Camera depth of field test

Do you own a cat? If so have you ever noticed how cats will tend to sleep on a freshly cleaned laundry pile or your black clothing? I was outside today on the deck doing a depth of field camera test when the cat started meowing at me. I decided to try something. I went inside (with the cat following and meowing at me all the way), grabbed a pair of black denim trousers, and plopped them on the deck.

The cat stopped meowing and sat on them. I continued the camera tests.

Uh oh... Here comes trouble.

Pumpkin uses the old jeans

The jeans were less than a week old before they tore. No, I'm not that fat... yet. I noticed the material was really thin denim compared to my other ones. Maybe I'll take the jeans apart and make a cat pillow out of them. Then again the cat seemed to like them just the way they were.

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Anonymous said...

Using your powers for good instead of for evil, I see.