Thursday, July 10, 2008

Did someone say "Party"?

One of the greeters at the entrance

I got a call last night (actually a facebook email) with the offer to attend a party, partake in the eating of the food and drink provided and meet a bunch of models. Such is the life of a photographer. Well maybe not a photographer that does landscapes, but a photographer that lives in a city and shoots events. Yep, that's me.

I wasn't given much information other than there would be really good food so when I arrived I wasn't too surprised to see really yummy looking appetizers. I was a bit surprised to see it was taking place in a furniture store, a really nice furniture store, a really nice upscale furniture store.

The people I met were very pleasant, nice to talk to. There was no pressure for me to take photos but I took a few any way being the trigger happy sort that I am. Photographing the odd pretty girl here and there didn't hurt.

Overlooking the party

Did I mention that there was good food? It was odd. With all the great looking food I only tried one of the samples (that being the chilled water melon gazpacho). It was cold and very refreshing. The shrimp was good too. I'll have to add that to my food making skills sometime.

Cheese entrees

Anya strikes a pose

By midnight the party was over. Pretty early for most parties but by that point I was pretty tired. Tomorrow would be a big travel day so I needed to get sleep.

Chilled Watermelon Gazpacho
spiked with vodka topped with a vanilla, Lime and mint marinated tiger shrimp

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Sexy looking party!