Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Day of the Foodies

Emmanuel meets me at the Varsity theatre to see Hancock.

Another day of sleep. I woke up in the afternoon and found myself chatting to Emmanuel through facebook. As a spontaneous "Let's do something" move I suggested we go see Hancock. that movie was entertaining with a part that surprised even me. That's all I'm going to say. Well that and that it doesn't have your typical hollywood ending. Okay I've said too much.

After the movie we decided to go for sushi. We walked over to the Bloor Sushi on Bloor near Brunswick. It was packed with a dense line crammed in the door way. I offered up a roti place, the Roti Palace to be exact. I was surprised to find out Emmanuel, a foodie, had not been there before.

Emmanuel with a freshly made goat roti.

Located at 744 Bathurst (M5S 2R6), it's a restaurant that's been there for as long as I can remember, which is another reason I can't believe Emmanuel had never been there before. Also it's probably one of my favorite roti places in all of Toronto coming in close to Island Foods.

It's all about the shell. There are some places that have been recommended to me and while the innards of the roti are good the shell is hard. The shell should be freshly made and soft. Good enough to eat all by itself. The Caribbean Roti Palace delivers.

Much later on that night while working I found myself going out for a stroll to the local subway sandwich store. Feeling a bit peckish I noticed the sign in the window. Lobster sandwich!!! For some reason the subway near me doesn't serve a seafood sub. Usually comprised with mayo and that fake crab meat, abalone.

The lobster sandwich!

The price for the lobster sandwich was pretty steep. At 16.98 for a foot long sub I thought it would be really good. My stomach started rumbling and before my brain could question what was going on I was in the store ordering the thing on Italian herbs and cheese bread.

My lobster sandwich!

Eating the sub was disappointing. The lobster had no real chunks to it. It was more like eating flaked tuna. In fact it kind of tasted a bit like tuna. While filling, I felt the sandwich was pretty unsatisfying.

Lobster sandwich cross section up close


Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...


Your great photos are making me hungry for more roti's!


Anonymous said...

Love that pic of Emmanuel and the goat roti!

Oooo...sorry to hear about the unsatisfying lobster sub (thanks for the head's up, btw). I had one like that in Maine, served on a hot dog bun!

For the most part, though, the East Coast has THE best lobster rolls! Big, juicy chunks of lobster meat on a thick kaiser bun. YUM.

BagelHot said...

I went to Halifax a while ago... I have to say that yes, my seafood experience was a good one.