Thursday, February 04, 2010

Carrot Muffin Day

23 1/2 carrot muffins

I had a pretty unproductive day today. I'm not sure if it's that I'm coming down with something or perhaps the lack of sunlight in the dreary winter months. Vitamin D deficient? Meh.

I wouldn't say the day was a complete waste. I've been working on a 3D logo the last few days and managed to start a render today. Unfortunately the test render didn't look the way I wanted it to so I started a new one with different logistics. I know that might sound vague but I'm not really supposed to talk about it much.

Anyways that's about all I did today. That and the sifting through photos (which I seem to do on a regular basis). Sifting through photos doesn't even seem like work anymore. I was looking for a past party I shot of Sanjay (the book publisher). He had lost the photos I gave him.

While sifting through photos, rendering a logo, I was also examining my blog, this blog, and noticed a whole lot of entries in 2006. After that the entries get fewer and far between. It's around the same time as logging onto facebook.

It's difficult to blab on facebook and on a blog at the same time. I might just have to consolidate the blabbing to one, possibly the blog, and have a permalink to my facebook account.

Random blabbing aside and getting to this blog entry...

As a result of my boredom or lack of activity I have declared this "Carrot Muffin Day". Carrots to lure the ground hog that didn't come out of the ground a few days ago? A muffin in remembrance of the Day music died? Which technically was yesterday, at least 4.5 hours ago minimum. And sure there's just so much in common with a muffin made of carrots and three distinguished musicians dying in a plane. Was the big bopper big because of eating muffins? It's amazing how random thoughts enter my head... and the answer would be "No"... at least I don't think so.

No, I'm declaring this carrot muffin day because I feel a tad lazy today and because of this I decided to make a bunch of carrot muffins from one of those instant muffin mixes. A baking item that can be enjoyed by lazy (and non-lazy) types with the smallest amount of baking effort.
  1. Pour mix into bowl
  2. add water
  3. mix
  4. pour mixture into muffin trays
  5. bake
  6. eat
"All the enjoyment without the effort." I should have a bumper sticker made for days like today. Maybe a T-shirt.

Speaking of T-shirts, insert the plug for Wicked Skatewear's wicked line of T-shirts here. Did I say they were cool? Well now you know. They are cool. Buy a T-shirt.

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