Saturday, February 06, 2010


Demolition Dawn thanks the volunteers (including me)

West of Ossington on Dundas street at the Garrison the ToRD EOS was taking place. I had gotten there right on time, running in from the art auction at Jimmy's (see previous post). The garrison is a kind of dark building on a what feels like a secluded portion of the street. Not having been there before I was wondering if I'd actually have a problem finding it. There was a giant ToRD poster in the window and a death track doll standing outside.

Triple award winning and stage hog, Dyna gets pulled off by other derby girls.

For those not in the know, parties, award ceremonies, after parties, and pretty much any event that involves roller girls always (at least in my experience) ALWAYS results in photography gold and the cool stories like "...remember the Fort Wayne bed taco?", or "When they packed the two story venue in Portland doing live karaoke?"

Brim Stone, ToRDs Roller Girl 2009

One day when I get older I can look back and say "That was a fun ride." and it would have been worth every penny.

Rockin' at the end of the awards

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